• Monday, 21 November 2016

    Siege Artillery

    Tree buckets

    Now my army was starting to come together; infantry, some shooting and cavalry.  I had dabbled with siege weapons in a few of my games but i wasn't convince with their effectiveness.  When they hit they hurt but with a poor ranged score i often dropped them from my lists.  That being said i wanted something different to paint and i had 2 Trebuchet that were in dire need of a spruce up.

    I thought about doing another intricate diorama for these but as i wasn't sure how often i would be writing them into my lists.  I was also limited by the standard base size for siege weapons, 50x50 mm.  Unfortunately the Games Workshop Trebuchet models are too large to fit on these bases, and there was the 4 standard crew to fit on the base too.   This left little room for scenic pieces so with that in mind i decided to focus on detailed rock formations

    Yeah it looked pretty bland and there isn't a lot of space to work with for scenic pieces.  The base is around 60mm wide and 70mm long.  Fortunately Kings of War rules stipulate that larger base sizes are acceptable if the miniature is too large.  I decided to focus on the ice effect again and strategically placing the crew around the Trebuchet... and i was pleased enough with the result...

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