• Friday, 18 November 2016

    Jon Snow

    I Need a Hero!

    Over the years i have come to realise that the best way for me to stay motivated and not let the burn of rank and file painting take over is to paint an individual, a hero.

    To follow my Night's Watch theme it seemed only fitting to find a suitable miniature for Jon Snow.  No easy task it seemed! 

    The Search Begins

    A long story short it took me about 6 months from deciding to create a Jon Snow hero to getting it battle ready.

    I spent ages trying to decide on what type of hero to go for, weather or not Jon Show should be mounted, and play testing all the different hero options.  Eventually i locked down my Kings of War tournament list (that will be explained on another post coming soon) so all that was left was to decide on what miniature to use 

    Jon Snow and Ghost

    After many play tests i decided that the best option for my play style was to take a Forsaken Redeemer.  I already has a few Pegasus knights from my Bretonnian army but that just dint tie in with my Night's Watch theme, and I suspect that there will not be any Pegasi making an appearance in the Game of Thrones series...  for those that have read the book please correct me if I'm wrong!

    So i decided to build my own Jon Snow and Ghost as a mount.  It took me a while to source the most appropriate components but i eventually managed to get the following completed about 4 months ago.

    Ghost was created using a Space Hulk Wolf with some intricate modelling putty work to cover the cybernetics with fur.

    Jon Snow's cape was taken from an Undead Necromancer model, a spare head from one of the Knights Errant box sets and the rest was taken from the Green Knight model.

    Im having second thoughts on the colour of the sword, as Jon's Valyrian steel sword (Longclaw) should be silver and his armour should be darker.  The cape looks a little green in this picture but i do use some green glazing in my black cloth painting process.  I will cover this i a separate post. 

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