• Sunday, 20 November 2016

    Villein Archers

    Rain of Arrows

    In my early games trying out various Brotherhood lists i would always select 3 or 4 troops of villein archers and build the rest of my list around that.  I enjoyed the flexibility of multiple shooting units with different target options and with their phalanx rule they could act into the Chaff role on occasion.  That being said it was a hell of a lot of points, 340 to be exact, on units that only hit on a 5 up!  

    What do your elf eyes see?

    Eventually i thought i would give a horde a go as the point per shot is better but there is a downside in that they can only select one target.  Then it occurred to me to give the unit the Brew of Keen-eyeness!  As it turns out this is a pretty common theme within Kings of War lists.  With the phalanx rule a horde unit of Villein archers can also act as a road block.  After a few games i decided that a horde was the way to go.  So all that was left to decide was what i would do for the multi-base.

    Stick 'em with the pointy end

    In my first few games using the archer horde i forgot that the unit had the Phalanx special rule.  As you can imagine i was a little annoyed with myself, so i decided that i wanted to make this aspect of the unit visible on the multi-base.  

    Up until this point i had been pretty happy with the results using cork as rocks for my multi-basing but for this unit i wanted to go big on the ice effect.  After a bit of practice i feel i got that locked down...

    ...and here it is.  I think this is my favourite base of my entire army.  I was really pleased with how the stakes in the ice effect turned out.  However I did struggle to fit on the standard 40 models for a horde.  In then end i was only able to fit on 21 models without it looking too cluttered.  Fortunately that just meets the minimum amount of units allowed on a multi-base for those tournaments that stipulate a minimum.

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