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    The Night's Watch - Introduction

    About me

    Hi, my name is James Jackson and thanks for visiting my blog.  I have been playing war games all my adult life and the most recent being Kings of War.  My tabletop war gaming began with Warhammer 40,000, after a few years I moved away from 40K and began collecting Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  I have always been a big Sci Fi fan but this is second only to my interest in the fantasy genre.  I have always been interested by the men-at-arms and knightly order theme and as a result i started collecting Bretonnians.  I guess for those Bretonnian fans out there little more needs to be said about why i moved over to Kings of War.

    For those who haven't played Warhammer or Kings of War;  both are games of mass combat between mighty armies in a fantasy setting, each with their own unique mythology. 
    I moved over to Kings of War as i feel the rules and armies are more balanced than Warhammer, the games easier to pick up but can be equally as competitive as Warhammer.

    The Hobby

    I have always been more interested in the painting and modelling side than the actual gaming, but when i was about 20 years old I started to lose interest in the whole table top gaming scene and played about 1 game every 3 or 4 months.  It wasn't until i reached my mid 20's i got more interested in going to clubs and competitions.  In the last few years I started to enter the odd Warhammer competition and seeing all of the beautifully painted armies rekindled my interest in the hobby. 

    So after a long time being away from the hobby i took the opportunity to repaint all of my Bretonnians.  I struggled for a long time to lock down a theme for an army and i wasn't happy with the few units i painted each time i changed my mind or lost interest.  About around the 4th time i decided to repaint my army it was the same time that Game of Thrones aired and it was then i decided that i wanted to do a Nights Watch themed army.

    What was i getting myself in for?

    Painting black is horrible, i must of looked at all of the painting tutorials that exist online, asked all my friends and as many games workshop sales assistants i could find.  Ultimately i was never pleased with the end result so i decided to do some research outside of miniatures painting and looked at traditional techniques.  

    Unfortunately this was around the time that Age of Sigmar was announced and that Bretonnians would never get that 8th edition rulebook we had been waiting over 10 years for.  So i began to lose interest again but fortunately a friend of mine introduced me to Kings of War (thanks Jamie!) and it was about this time that the 2nd edition rule book was announced.  When i read that you don't remove individual models from each movement tray i knew this would allow for great dioramas.  

    Kings of War

    So my passion was rekindled and i got a method for painting black locked down, finally! About a year ago i started repainting and multi basing my army.  A few friends of mine suggested i start a blog of my work and here it is.  This is as much a means to keep myself motivated to finish as it is to showcase.  i also plan to post some tutorials on my painting and my multi basing techniques.  I hope you like my work so far and please feel free to comment.  I hope to do a unit a week so keep an eye out.   

    The Brotherhood

    After deciding to move over to Kings of War i just had to decide on an army that best suited my Nights Watch theme and where i could use all of my Bretonnian models.

    The army that most appealed to me and best suited my knights heavy play style was The Brotherhood.

    So here is the first unit that i painted, being a knight heavy army i decided I needed to get these done first.

    And my second unit...

    Fortunately a fair amount of my army has already been painted in this new theme but most of it is yet to be multi-based.  Plenty more images to follow as the units are completed, please feel free to comment.  Thanks again!

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