• Tuesday, 10 January 2017

    Clash of Kings

    Clash of Kings

    In October 2016 the Aftermath gaming club hosted the first part of the Norwich Clash of kings tournament.  Part 2 is scheduled in March and i wanted to go over my thoughts on the army list that used and to give some idea of how my Night's Watch themed army will develop.  

    The plan was to upload a video of the army breakdown but i have recently received a request to post a 2000 point army list to see how it ties into my night's watch theme - Thanks again David for your request.  I will upload a video in the next few days to go over the choices in more detail but for now I'll just post the list. 

    Night's Watch

    Below is the 2000 point Brotherhood army list i used for the tournament.  Special thanks to Gregg from Easy army for allowing me to use their army list creator on this blog.

    Unfortunately i didn't do great in the tournament as i lost 2 of my 3 games but i did come away with the best painted army prize which i was very pleased with.  A first for me but this is the first time i have been to a tournament with a fully painted army.  Yes i managed to get my army finished in time for the tournament!  I will continue to post on the development of these units and what inspired me to create them so watch this space.

    Im considering changing the list for the next part pf the Clash of Kings so there will no doubt be some more painting required! If anyone has any thoughts on the list please feel free to comment. Thank you

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