• Wednesday, 25 January 2017


    So the only things missing from my  army were some Flyers.  At this point i was running out of ideas for what to do for the multi bases.  I decided to keep it simple but go for something that made them stand apart slightly from the rest of the Night's Watch theme but also in keeping with the main snowy decaying theme.  Fortunately i had some old bits of Games Workshop ruins that i cannibalised to create the base below.  


    Fortunately i also had plenty of  Pegasus Knights left over from my old Bretonnian army.  A common theme in my lists when playing Bretonnians was taking 3 or 4 units of Pegasus Knights, a method that was significantly less successful in Kings of War.  While I felt that the Pegasus Knights didnt fit too well with my Night's Watch theme I didnt want to waste the minis.

    Wings of the Honey Maze

    I saw a lot of people online talk about this magic item being great with certain heroes to shut down hordes of shooters, take out key heroes, clear chaff or support rear lines.  I found a couple of forums that highlighted the effectiveness of the Exemplar Redeemer with Honey Maze and after using it in the Clash of Kings Part 1 i have to say i agree.  This guy has a permanent place in my future lists.

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