• Friday, 13 January 2017

    King's Guard

    In preparation for the upcoming Clash of Kings I decided to try out some of the elite units of knights and move away from lots of cheaper knight units.  In several of the last versions of my list I dabbled with the Order of the Redemption but I play tested the troop size as i found the regiments to be a bit overpriced.  

    After a few games i decided to include them in my tournament list.  I found their inspiring particularly useful replacing a hero choice that could support the nights.  All that was left now was to decide on how i wanted the unit to look.  I found i had the most difficulty with this unit when deciding on their multi base.  I wanted a look that made them feel as though they were overseeing the battle and highlight them as the most powerful knight unit.  I thought about designing some kind of structure they would sit on or a general's tent on the top of the hill look.  Neither of these worked - finally i decided to go with this and im pretty pleased with how it turned out.

    Go big or go home

    After playing a couple of games with this unit i found that, for their cost, they were wiped off the table to easily.  Even with regeneration their low nerve resulted in them being destroyed before they had much of an impact.  I decided to try a regiment, whilst I had thought they were expensive i hoped their nerve and attacks might offset that.  My thinking was if they survived and made it into combat then they would be devastating.  As it turned out i was right and with the regeneration and higher nerve they survived the test game and hit like a truck.   Then I had to think of a way to incorporate another troop size multi base to turn this unit into a regiment.  Again i found myself struggling to to decide on how to go about it as i didn't want the front half of the unit to block the scenery of the rear half.  Eventually i decided to keep it simple as I knew i would never use two troop types of this unit in a match.  

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