• Sunday, 8 January 2017



    So its been over a month since my last post and with the build up to Christmas i havent had much time to play Kings of War or work on my army.  However in my last game playing against my mate Jamie Eaton and his Orc list i discovered the hard way that my army was in desperate need of some chaff units.  

    I thought about different cost effective options from higher point flying units to troops of infantry to act as road blocks.  During my last game i found that my units of knights were being shut down for most of the match by cheap infantry units.  In particular a regiment of goblins were camped out in a forest with hard hitting units on either flank that were ready and waiting for any knight unit to charge into their death.  I remember wishing i had a cheaper, faster and lighter cavalry unit that could have dealt with the Goblins and cleared the path for the second wave of knights.

    So in the end i decided to build a couple units of Villein Reconnoitres. When this unit isn't acting as a chaff unit that supports the knights it can also hunt down siege weapons with is higher movement speed. 

    I really enjoyed painting these guys, the Bretonnian Yeoman models from GW are beautiful. Unfortunately they're hard to come by these days but fortunately i had just enough to create 3 units with 3 models on each base.  Much like my knights units, if i used more than 3 they would have look cluttered on the base with the scenery. So here they are...


    1. Mate can you post up a 2000 point list so we can see how your modelling fits into the theme. Thanks

      1. Hi David, thank you for your comment. I will post my 2000 point list i entered into the recent Clash of Kings tournament held in Norwich and hosted by www.aftermath-club.co.uk/

        I will also upload a video soon detailing my choices and changes for the future. Links to the video will be posted here and at facebook.com/DualChargeGaming

      2. Hi David, you can now find my 2000 point army list i used for the recent Norwich Clash of Kings here - http://www.dualchargegaming.com/2017/01/clash-of-kings.html Thanks again