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    Samurai - Introduction

    So What to do next...

    I think I was about 14 when I first started collecting Bretonnians and now I have finished painting enough models to field a fully painted army I'm now using these models in Kings of War! So it only took 18 years to decide on a paint scheme, learn how to execute it well and finally produce a consistent basing theme. Well I'm hoping my next project takes significantly less time to complete. Question is what to do next

    My problem is I like buying minis. A few years ago a good friend of mine sold me all of his old Warhammer Vampire Counts when I mentioned I was planning on doing a Night's Watch themed army and a White Walkers themed army along side it. As I have mentioned I wasn't great at staying focused on a hobby project but in the last year I have really got back into my hobby. That being said I feel like taking a break from the Game of Thrones themed projects and trying something completely different. I fully intend to continue with my White Walkers army and will most likely be posting more work on my Night's Watch army too. No hobby project is ever truly “finished” ;)


    Before I was a teenager I remember watching a show called 'Shogun' with my dad and it was this that first sparked my interest in the Samurai culture. 

    Over the years I have seen my fair share of Samurai flicks; 'Seven Samurai', 'The Last Samurai', 'The Shogun Assassin', to name a few but when I watched 'Ronin' again recently I knew I wanted to create a Samurai themed army. Yes this film is not about Samurai and not set in feudal Japan, but there was one scene where you see a retired spy painting samurai miniatures to recreate the legend of the 47 Ronin. Basically I thought it looked cool and I decided I wanted to do that too!

    So Here I am Again

    I needed to decided on a paint scheme, a theme for the multibases, and most importantly where to source the models. Where else to start but spending hours looking at pictures of old Samurai illustrations, Ancient Japanese architecture and seeing what other hobbyists have done. Locking down the colour scheme was fairly easy. I played a game a few years back called 'Mirrors Edge' and fell in love with the stark and simple Black, Red and White colour scheme.

    I did have a little trouble deciding on what army to use the Samurai as within Kings of War, mainly due to the unit range available to buy and how they will cross over into a specific army list.  In the end I decided to go for Kingdoms of Men, and of course they already have an army in Kings of war Historical.  

    I also had a few bits I wanted to try for the bases, such as building a Torii gate and doing an intricate pond diorama. The part I struggled with the most was where to source the miniatures. There didn't seem to be many companies that produce samurai figures but I did find a good selection by Wargames Factory. 


    Turns out that Wargames Factory were bought out by Warlord Games and there was no confirmation that the Samurai range was being continued. I managed to find a few core infantry and cavalry sets on Ebay but struggled for a few months to find anything else. Fortunately Warlord Games have just announced they are producing a Samurai skirmish game and the sculpts are the same... phew!

    Hold the Gate!
    So I decided to build up a unit of my Ashigaru spearman first. I wanted to create a diorama including the Torii gate that portrayed the spearman defending the entrance to their village.

    I had a lot of fun building this. It was a nice change from building organic features to man made structures. Being used to Warhammer's 28mm heroic scale I found painting actual 28mm a challenge, but I'm happy with the final piece.

    Thanks for reading and if you have an suggestions on good model ranges or questions about how I created this piece then please feel free to comment. 

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