• Wednesday, 22 February 2017



    After sourcing enough models to field a basic infantry army the time came to start searching for miniatures to use as the heroes; and boy did i have a hard time trying to find suitable minis.  Fortunately this was around the time Diceni tabletop convention was being held at the Norwich forum.  

    My search didn't start well.  It wasn't until an hour later that i found a model that i liked the look of.  It was my intention to end the day with enough miniatures to field at least a 2000 point army.  It looked like this was unlikely; i was surprised at how few medieval / feudal Japanese miniatures were in circulation.  To clarify this was almost a year ago and there are a few Samurai themed kick starters coming soon as well as Warlord reproducing the Wargames Factory samurai minis.  Well to cut a long story short i found a couple of stalls right next to each other that had a few samurai minis that I liked the look of.  I also managed to find a Japanese style dragon which had proven difficult to find online in the months leading up to Diceni.  One of the stalls had a huge Reaper miniatures range and they must have saw me coming!  While I was there I ended up treating myself to enough heroes to field a Basilea army too! Needless to say I spent too much money.


    So with enough models to keep me busy painting for the next year i decided to head home before I went bankrupt.  It just so happened that Langley's had a stool right by the exit and i noticed this...

    I thought the front cover looked cool and so i made the mistake of picking up the box and turning it over to look at the description.  That's when i decided i had to buy this game.  inside were 4 beautifully dynamic minis that would be great hero miniatures.  I just hoped they were the correct scale, but as it was on sale i decided to take the chance.  

    The Monk

    I decided that i would use the two female characters as wizards and the two male characters as either Heroes or generals. And here is the first Hero for my Samurai themed army.  

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