• Sunday, 2 April 2017

    Greater Water Elemental

    Its been a while since my last post so i wanted to have something a little different from the standard.  For a while i have been wanting to work on something that stands out on the battlefield; a single miniature rather than an entire unit that really draws the eye.  I have been itching to get my hands on a monster mini of some kind but struggled to decide on which direction i wanted to go.  I have covered almost all units that the Brotherhood has to offer, the exceptions being units that i feel don't make the cut for my tournament lists.  That being said i still would like to use these other units in friendly games and ultimately get all my Brotherhood units painted.  


    On the Saturday 4th March I went to the Hammerhead convention in Newark for the first time and for those who haven't been I would strongly recommend you get yourself to Hammerhead 2018.  The venue is huge, there's a massive range of companies and miniatures available and you can grab some great deals.  I attended in the hope to find some inspiration for my Night's Watch army and to find that one mini that would give my army that extra wow factor on the table.  A few weeks prior I had been toying with the idea if bringing a greater water elemental and standard water elementals into my army but as per usual i was struggling to decide on what direction to go in.  Fortunately I found the Mierce Miniatures stall where I found this beauty.  For those interested - http://www.mierce-miniatures.com/

    When i saw this I knew I had found my greater water elemental.  I had been wanting to build my own Wildling giant for some time but hadn't found a suitable mini... until Hammerhead.  

    A Song of Ice and Ice

    How would a Wildling giant work as a water elemental you say.  Well it wouldn't but it would make a great ice elemental...close enough.  This miniature stands about six inches high when assembled and was really easy to assemble.  I'm impressed with the detail on this model and happy with the twenty pounds that I paid for it.  The original price was forty but as I said there are some great deals at Hammerhead.
    All that was left to do was to paint and decide on how i would make this unit scream Ice elemental....and here is how it turned out...

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